Flower Mound Dental: Dr. William E. Wyatt Jr. DDS - 2717 Cross Timbers Rd #424 Flower Mound, TX 75028 Adult Fluoride Treatments at Flower Mound Dental: Dr. William E. Wyatt, Jr. DDS |

Adult Fluoride Treatments at Flower Mound Dental: Dr. William E. Wyatt, Jr. DDS

Adult Fluoride Treatments at Flower Mound Dental: Dr. William E. Wyatt, Jr. DDS

Fluoride Treatments are not just for kids anymore.

Why Fluoride? What you need to know...

Fluoride is an all-natural mineral compound, which is very easily absorbed into our tooth enamel, fighting cavities, and protecting our teeth against the acids and other bacteria that cause tooth damage and tooth decay. Fluoride can be found naturally in a wide variety of different foods and assorted drinks. Many teas, coffees, shellfish, potatoes, and grapes contain naturally occurring healthy fluorides. You'll want to be careful with the fluorides found in artificial sweeteners, sodas, and flavored popsicles for obvious reasons. HINT:  The sugar content!

Fluoride in our Drinking Water

In just about every United States community, including the Town of Flower Mound and other surrounding Texas cities, fluoride has been added to public drinking water sources, as endorsed by the American Dental Association, or ADA. This is a very safe practice and very effective towards the on-going fight against cavities. Our daily toothpaste and mouthwash should also contain fluoride. Look for the ADA seal of approval for the best products to use. Remember, always follow manufacturer use directions for these products.

But I'm not 10 anymore, I'm an Adult.

Yes, it is true that fluoride is most important and critical for infants and children between the ages of six months to eighteen years. After all, this is the time in which our primary and permeant teeth develop. However, recent research indicates that adults also highly benefit from regular fluoride treatments. Topical fluoride, from toothpaste, mouthwash, and dental fluoride treatments, right here in our office, are extremely important in fighting tooth decay in our permanent adult teeth, especially in people who are at the highest risk of tooth decay. If you have dry mouth conditions, gum disease or periodontitis, history of frequent cavities, presence of crowns, bridges, or braces, you are most definitely a candidate for in office fluoride treatments. Be sure to ask your hygienist, dental assistant, or Dr. Wyatt during your next visit to our office. Forget to ask? Don't worry, we will be sure to remind you, since we take your dental care very seriously.

Do I have to wear that silly tray? How long does a fluoride treatment take?

The fluoride treatments of today are WAY different from the treatments you may remember as a kid. No more bulky trays, no more weird orange tangy flavor. The fluoride your hygienist will give you is as simple as masterfully painting your teeth with a thin coat of white fluoride. The fluoride "paint" will remain on your teeth until you brush and floss later that night before going to bed.  You may eat solid foods and cold liquids after a fluoride treatment, but we do ask that you wait until the fluoride has set to your teeth before consuming hot liquids or carbonated beverages. This new and improved fluoride process is easy and painless!

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New to Flower Mound?  In search of a new dental provider?

Are you new to Flower Mound?  Have you lived here in Flower Mound for many years?  If you are looking for a new dentist in Flower Mound, either for the first time, or looking for a new dentist in Flower Mound, come and see Flower Mound Dental:  Dr. William E. Wyatt Jr. DDS.  We are a terrific dentist office in Flower Mound and can provide for all of your Flower Mound dentist needs. Dr. Wyatt is the Best Dentist Flower Mound.

About Flower Mound Dental:  William E. Wyatt Jr. DSS

Flower Mound Dental:  William E. Wyatt Jr. DSS,  is here to meet all of your dental needs by providing truly gentle, exceptional dentistry, whether you need a filling, cleaning, whitening, root canal, or any other dental service.  Located in Flower Mound, in the Kroger Shopping Center, near Lifetime Fitness, our professional and friendly team will provide you and your entire family with a comfortable and superior dental experience that you won’t find anywhere else.  We want you to be comfortable and we want you to bring us your questions and concerns. Our commitment to oral hygiene and your overall wellness results in personalized and comprehensive visits with you to ensure we meet all of your health needs.  Dr. Wyatt is a leading professional in his field and takes special care with each person in a calm and inviting atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. For more information visit www.flowermounddental.com or follow us on Twitter @FloMoDental.

About William E. Wyatt Jr. DSS:

When it comes to dental education, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone more knowledgeable than Dr. Wyatt. Dr. Wyatt is actively involved in many facets of continuing education, participating in dental conferences, symposia, and fellowships. In 1986, he received his Fellowship from the Academy of General Dentistry, which requires at least 500 hours of additional continuing education and the passage of a rigorous written exam. He has studied with some of the most respected dentists in the nation and the world. The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners requires 12 hours of continuing education every year to maintain licensure. Dr. Wyatt regularly averages at least 200 hours per year; 1600% more than he’s legally required to do. This affords him access to the latest technological advances in cosmetic, laser, and restorative dentistry. Dr. Wyatt is a member of the following prestigious organizations:
  • The Academy of General Dentistry
  • The American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • The American Dental Implant Association
  • The American Dental Institute
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (accreditation in progress)
He is very active in his local community as a featured speaker in the chamber of commerce and other organizations, plus Dr. Wyatt is also a published author on Dentaltown. Follow Dr. Wyatt on Twitter @DrWilliamWyatt.
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